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Kieran Murphy, The Insurance Doctor – provides instant quotes and best advice for life insurance, income protection, income replacement and pension cover.

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Kieran has continued to provide me with not only good advice but we became good friends over the past 30 years. If there is any way to help you, Kieran will always help and if he can’t, you can bet he will know someone that will.

Mel Clifford, Dublin

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Why choose the Insurance Doctor?

  • My primary focus is to look after my new and existing customers better than any otherInsurance Broker in the Irish market.
  • For more than 25 years Kieran Murphy has been helping business and personal customers save money with the best Insurance & Pension products
  • Regular reviews in the venue of your choice
  • The Insurance Doctor is totally independent and has substantial accounts with all leading insurers in Ireland
  • Spread the cost with easy payment options
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He is the first insurance person I’ve met who was genuinely interested in listening to what we wanted.

Caitriona Ellis

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