Monthly Archives: February 2016

Adam Lambert had to insure for voice for £30m

Adam Lambert insists he had to insure his voice for £30 million because he had to protect his earning capabilities. The 'For Your Entertainment' hitmaker took out the huge policy in 2012 to safeguard his voice and he insists it's a sensible thing to do because it's what he uses to pay his bills. He…
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Public ‘unaware’ pension tax relief better than SSIA scheme

A Standard Life survey of 1,000 respondents shows 75pc don't know the State tops up pension contributions by up to 40pc for higher rate taxpayers. There are almost half a million higher rate taxpayers, according to the Revenue Commissioners. A single person, with no children, earning €33,800 a year or more is a higher rate…
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Central Bank may curb broker commissions

The Central Bank may limit certain types of commission earned on the sale of financial products such as life assurance and mortgages later this year, as part of a review of commission payments. However it’s unlikely that the regulator will opt for an outright ban, as other countries such as the UK have adopted. In…
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