Don’t let insurance claims put you out of business.

Don’t let insurance claims put you out of business. They cost you money both in increased insurance premiums and loss of revenue due to dissatisfied members and negative word of mouth advertising in your community.

The most common claims that we see in insurance programs that have specialized in the fitness industry over the past 30 years along with prevention techniques for each area.

Group Exercise

Most common claims:

  • Worker’s compensation claims for instructors with knee and back pain. These claims are increasing in number and severity due to the repetitive motion injuries from teaching high to even moderate impact classes over long periods of time on hard surfaces. Members have also filed similar claims sighting flooring as the cause of their injuries.
  • Members slipping or falling on wet floors. Whether a floor surface is wet from a water leak, wet shoes or sweat, it becomes the liability of the fitness facility if a participant falls or injures themselves due to the slickness.
  • Members falling on steps/balls or mats with slick tread surfaces.


  • New and better floor systems are available to prevent repetitive motion injuries for both members and trainers. These will prevent claims that cost you money, and they also will help you both retain existing members and sign up new ones.
  • Keep the floor surface dry with regular inspection throughout the day.Instructors should be informed to put a priority on drying off the floor before, during and after class if it gets wet.
  • Inspect all accessories regularly and replace them when the surface is worn, torn or stretched (steps, balls and mats).

Source: Practical Loss Prevention Advice from a Fitness Insurance Veteran | Resourcebeat content from Club Industry