Sometimes even the CEO needs a little help understanding

Mortgage Protection:
I was notified of the untimely and sudden death of an old friend and client in 2016. He and his wife had a joint life mortgage protection policy in force to covered their mortgage.


We informed their lender of his death and confirmed we were processing the claim. To my amazement the lenders official confirmed in writing that until the claim was paid they expected my client to maintain their mortgage repayment. This was subsequently confirmed in writing at our request. I couldn’t believe this.
The Insurance Doctor wrote to the lenders chief executive detailing our disbelief at the heartlessness and unnecessary financial stress this decision caused to my friends widow. Especially as he was the main earner and she had worked part time.

Apology received and accepted

The lenders chief executive phoned The Insurance Doctor to apologise for this letter. He was new in the job and thanked me for highlighting the situation. He asked if he could speak directly with the lady involved which The Insurance Doctor arranged. The purpose of the call was to apologise for the stress needlessly caused and to confirm total suspension of any mortgage repayment requests whilst the claim was processed.

As a result of The Insurance Doctors intervention the lender confirmed they were “reviewing their practices in these situations“.

So at the hardest of financial times make sure you’ve got a friend like The Insurance Doctor on your side. Call Kieran on 01 495 1970