Who is the Insurance Doctor?

Kieran Murphy has spent almost 40 years in the insurance business in Ireland having trained in all apsects of general and property insurance. I transferred to the Life Insurance industry and found my niche.


Kieran specialises in advising Families on effective Life Insurance Cover so that they are not dependent on the State or face financial devastation in the event of death of breadwinners or in their later years.

I can advise people on Income protection for PAYE and self-employed individuals reducing income tax bills. I can also advise on Pensions for new businesses and existing ones.

Specialties include:

Assessing and arranging:


No need for unnecessary hardship

My main goal is to ensure everyone knows about the benefits of these Income Protection & Pension products will make to their lives and so avoid the financial hardship many people go through unnecessarily.

Kieran Murphy is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn