Using social media data to detect fraud

Internet users need to be aware of what they are posting online – because if it is publicly available, it’s up for grabs by insurers, according to the head of technology for Metlife

In Dublin this week, Marty Lippert, the company’s executive vice president for global technology and operations, said the insurance giant uses social media data to detect fraud in cases such as disability claims.

Metlife is one of the world’s biggest insurers. It is a global provider of life insurance, annuities, employee benefits and asset management, and employs around 300 people in Ireland.

Lippert gave the example of a person claiming sick leave compensation, who was found by the insurer to be perfectly healthy based on a photo of himself skiing which he had posted to Instagram.

The key ethical question for the insurer, Lippert said, was whether the information was made publicly available.

“We do not pull in information that is not publicly available.

“That is the line. If it is publicly available we think it fits within the parameters of good ethical behaviour.”

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