Monthly Archives: May 2016

Spring review of your pension is a top ‘Declutter Priority’

No matter how hard every Irish government tries to ignore the pension problems we have in this country, or to pass the parcel to the next administration, they simply won’t go away. I attended at a major pension conference last week on the dire conditions of our state old age pension organised by the Society…
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Mortgage rate focus on Irish banks likely to persist

Davy Stockbrokers have today predicted that pressure on banks to reduce variable mortgage rates is likely to persist. This comes after reports suggest that the deal on a minority government agreed between the two main Irish political parties, Fine Gael and Fianna Fail, contains a commitment to “take all the necessary action to tackle high…
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How to survive without your income?

How would I survive without my income? Income Protection: If you are an employed or self employed person you might be interested to know that neither your employer nor the state has any contractual obligation to provide an income or replace your income for you if you are not able to work. Being unable to…
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