Monthly Archives: October 2016

Hidden Inheritance tax problem identified by The Insurance Doctor

This problem could apply to you Hidden Inheritance tax problem: Michael & Jennifer asked The Insurance Doctor to meet them to discuss their family financial protection needs. They were 35 and 34 years of age and both non smokers In the course of discussions, The Insurance Doctor identified a potential inheritance tax problem. Jennifer owns…
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Pick a life insurance policy that complements your retirement strategy

Choosing the right Life Insurance policy  Life insurance helps you accumulate extra income for retirement and allows you to adjust your premium according to your budget. You can choose to pay the minimum required to keep the policy working for you, or you can contribute more, depending on your financial situation. At a very high…
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I Wish I’d Gotten Life Insurance Before I Got Pregnant

I knew that having our first child meant that getting life insurance should be a top priority for both me and my husband. We researched policies, got a quote for an affordable term life insurance policy and had our medical exams. Imagine my surprise when, a few weeks later, the agent called me back and…
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