5 Reasons to switch and save on Mortgage Protection Cover

I want to show you how you could save money on your premiums and still get the best cover possible.

People are now waking up to the reality that they are paying too much for their Mortgage Protection Insurance and Life Cover.

Many people with mortgage protection cover policies that were taken out during the celtic tiger era are being fleeced by big margins which some lending institutions were able to demand at that time

A recent report has show that up to 57% of homeowners would be willing to switch their mortgage protection for as little as a saving of €5 per month.

The insurance doctor has taken a deep dive into the survey’s findings and it is clear that homeowners could actually save thousands of euro on their mortgage protection cover premiums and it is really a ‘no-brainer’ to examine other options now and make some big savings.

5 Reasons to switch and save on Mortgage Protection and Life Insurance Cover

1. During the boom years you were charged celtic tiger prices which you are still paying.

2. You can easily change your mortgage protection policy without changing your mortgage. As long as you have a new policy in place before you cancel the old one the bank cannot object to you making the switch.

3. Mortgage Cover rates are dropping because people are living longer

4.  – Discriminatory pricing in favour of women was outlawed in 2012 in the EU Gender Directive. Men can now save a whooping 49% or more on the premiums if you seek a fresh quote. Despite the Gender Directive, life cover for females is now cheaper than ever

5. Switching and Saving is a very easy process – you just give your us a few details. We get the best quote for the same amount of cover and you save €€€’s.

How much can I save on my Mortgage Protection Insurance?

Using our Mortgage Protection Calculator you will quickly see at a glance how much cheaper your insurance can be depending on your age and your smoker status over the term of your mortgage loan cover.

*No matter if you are male or female, smoker or non-smoker, if you you want to reduce your mortgage protection payments or take out a policy for the first time check out how much you can save here:

Now that you see how much you can save  call Kieran Murphy at the Insurance Doctor on 087 256 9967 and start saving today!